Collage of Mad Poster products from Posters to Greeting Cards also featuring happy customers.

Our Story

Mad Posters was an idea born out of love (cheesy, I know).


In 2019, I wanted to gift my partner a creative and personal gift for his 21st birthday and I couldn't find anything that I liked online.


I needed creative. I needed nerdy. I needed personal.


So, I went to work and created a present that I knew he would love and after two months of hard work on Photoshop, his present became the first-ever Mad Poster!

First Mad Poster - Star Wars Custom Poster

I sat on the idea of Mad Posters for a few years until the Pandemic hit. Stuck at home with nothing to do, it felt like the right time to jump in and see where Mad Posters goes.


Now, our Melbourne based small business has expanded to creating pop culture greeting cards that perfectly accompany with any of our personalised posters!